seARTS “Celebrate Wearable Art” Designers Make a Special Appearance at PEM “WOW” Event this February

seARTS “Celebrate Wearable Art” Designers Make a Special Appearance at the PEM “WOW” Events this February

January 23, 2017                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The seARTS wearable art community welcomes with much enthusiasm the upcoming wearable art exhibit at the Peabody-Essex Museum (PEM).  The PEM  has recently announced that it is the exclusive east coast venue for WOW® World of WearableArtTM exhibit.  This exhibit presents “extreme wearable artworks from New Zealand’s renowned annual design competition. WOW® World of WearableArtTM is presented as part of PEM’s fashion initiative and will be dramatically installed at the museum from February 18 through June 11, 2017,” according to the PEM press release.

To augment the local flavor of Wearable Art, the PEM reached out to seARTS and invited a selection of artists from the 2013 and 2015 CWA shows to participate in the PEM PM event on February 16th and opening day events on February 18th.   The PEM PM third Thursday evening party series attracts hundreds of members, community members and visitors and includes food and signature cocktails.  The February 16th event will feature seARTS artists with these works:

  • Rick Crangle: (2015 CWA “Best of Show”) Woodland Gown with model Alison Campbell:  Local wood sculptor and architectural specialist, Rick Crangle, presents a magical woodland look that reflects his inspiration from the delicate layering and movement of a raven’s feathers.  The garment has over 500 individually hand cut, shaped, sanded, ebonized, and oiled wood elements. The full length skirt’s cherry “feathers” are upcycled from a wood staircase in Cambridge. The mosaic bodice features bloodwood textured feathers. The look is complete with two hand-carved bracelets made by Rick consisting of sculpted walnut and ebony, purple heart and birdseye maple.
  • Lorene Ireland: (2013 CWA show) Mosaic Corset and Shell-Petaled Skirt: Models to be organized by Webb-Sweeney Murphy agency: Ireland’s sculptured plaster corset is encrusted with layers of mosaic art made of seashells, fine china, and freshwater pearls. The front and the back are held in position with organza ribbon ties. The skirt is sweet and short with shell-petal flowers. From far away these blossoms look like begonias, but they are made from seashells.  Additional shell design pieces to be modeled or on mannequins.
  • Donna Caselden: Mermaid Dress (2013 CWA Show) model Gina Caselden:  A mermaid inspired, paillette-covered, ankle length skirt and bandeau top.  The dress sparkles due to the hundreds of paillettes that have been punched out of flattened green soda cans.
  • Camilla MacFadyen: Vernal Pool (2016 Salon) to be shown on a mannequin. This piece is a silk organza with silk screen and colograph prints and hand embroidery. This dress is a vision of a delicate vernal pool ecosystem. It has printed and painted amphibians and embroidered flora and fauna.

Additionally, both Rick Crangle and Lorene Ireland will also be conducting demonstrations on opening day, February 18th.

The seARTS Wearable Art community of makers, designers, artists, make-up artists, and patrons – inspired by the New Zealand initiative – has been celebrating everything about this unique genre for over ten years, creating Cape Ann’s own wearable art experience.  At the core of its efforts is collaboration with museums and other organizations that showcase textiles, jewelry, and wearable art exhibits.  In 2015, the Cape Ann Museum, which hosts the Folly Cove Designers, held a program as part of Celebrate Wearable Art III.  That event will continue in September of 2017.  In October 2016, the PEM and MFA were both part of the seARTS Salon “From Understated to Outrageous.”

“With three runway shows, eight holiday shows, and three salon panel discussions under its belt, the Celebrate Wearable Art committee is reaching for the stars as it begins planning for Celebrate Wearable Art IV on October 1, 2017 to be held at Cruiseport Gloucester.   The group will be launching a new website later this month,,” according to Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco, event chair.

The committee is actively seeking sponsors and partners to grow the event to make an even stronger contribution to the creative economy.  Celebrate Wearable art seeks to attract local and regional patrons who want to shop for beautiful works, wearable art lovers who simply want to be inspired by this creative art form, and artists who wish to put their talents to work in a new way. It’s truly an authentic Cape Ann experience.  Later this month, seARTS will announce the “call for the runway” for the 2017 show.

PEM Members and Salem residents can register for free for PEM PM events.  Tickets and registration available on  Tickets are $12 for the general public.

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