A Vested Interest: Local Designers Create Works for Wearable Art & More!

Thanks to our local papers for their coverage of CWAIII.  Here’s the article that appeared in the Friday Cape Ann Beacon


A Vested Interest:  Local Designers Create Works for Wearable Art: by Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times

If you missed the article this past Saturday, here’s a link to read up on the six artists who have made special wearable vests to be auctioned at the show.   Interested in making a bid via email?  Email us by clicking here. 

Here are the details:

A vest by Harpy Fashion

A vest by Harpy Fashion


Vest by Anita Blackaby

Jen Greeke, Loose SIZE 8. The Vest is a continuation from my latest collection working with chaos and negative space. The fabrics are a sequin/jersey and silk organza with a lace lining. Reserve: $150

Anita Blackaby, “Jazz Fusion In Silk” SIZE 10-12 Like the innovative musical genre, this vest brings the free form of gossamer silk fibers into a wearable work of art, in a unique display of color and texture. The color accents are backed by a handmade silk fabric. Reserve: $300

Vest by Nella Lush

Vest by Nella Lush

Nella Lush, ‘Poetry and Color” SIZE 10-14. A black flowing vest. I painted a few squares of treated linen with irregular edges that I burnished. I included hand written poetry in Italian. After attaching the squares on the fabric I fastened the corners with black string and random small rocks from the Adriatic Sea in Italy. With each painted square I used the same process as I do with my regular paintings but for obvious reasons I could not develop the texture as I do with my art. Reserve: $200


Eileen Mueller Vest

Vest by Eileen Mueller


Vest by Sinikka Nogelo

Eileen Mueller, “Bohoberry” vest/tunic SIZE 6. Hand painted tunic with dyes on Italian linen fabric. About the artist: Eileen Mueller is a professional artist who has been painting for 30 years. She has exhibited in associations and galleries throughout the country. Her primary medium is oils so working with dyes has been an exciting new challenge. Reserve: $250
Sinikka Nogelo, “Recyc La Bling” SIZE 1-12, larger if side panels removed, has a reversible vest as its foundation. Slip stitched on top of that are three “art” panels containing tin cans washed up on the beach in Gloucester, champagne wires, all kinds of sewing related items, mica from a walk in New Hampshire, my signature “trash art” CDs, and bits of my other media – painting, weaving, and very recently, embroidery. Reserve: $150

Ten Pound Studio

Ten Pound Studio

The Ten Pound Studio Vest, “The Power of Ten” SIZE 10-14. An amazing 100% Silk Jacket Vest, hand-painted as a joint creation by 10 separate Silk Artists of Ten Pound Studio, Gloucester. With jacquard silk dyes on silk habotai, this amazing piece, like the work of that studio and this seARTS event, links together the imagination, talent and creativity of ten artists, and symbolizes the power of joining artists together. Creator/Designer/Artist: (1) Christine Gauthier-Kelley, Seamstress and Artist: (2) Allyson ChrisTopher Fellow Silk Artistis: (3) Stephen Bates, (4) Jane Keddy, (5) Sue Niemi, (6) Leslie Pearlman, (7) Pushpa, (8) Susan Quateman, (9) Joan Wardwell, (10) Candace Wheeler. Reserve: $300



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